Make sure that you add the test for contributed field to test/*.py and run with command before sending a pull request:

$ pip install tox  # if not already installed
$ tox

Or, if you prefer using Docker (recommended):

docker build -t django_crypto_extensions .
docker run -v $(pwd):/app -it django_crypto_extensions /bin/bash

Publishing new releases

Increment version in django_crypto_extensions/ For example:

__version__ = '0.2.2'  # from 0.2.1

Move to new version section all release notes in documentation.

Add date for release note section.

Replace in documentation all New in Django Crypto Extensions development version notes to New in Django Crypto Extensions 0.2.2.

Rebuild documentation.

Run tests.

Commit changes with message “Version 0.2.2”

Add new tag version for commit:

$ git tag 0.2.2

Push to master with tags:

$ git push origin main –tags

Don’t forget to merge master to gh-pages branch and push to origin:

$ git co gh-pages $ git merge –no-ff master $ git push origin gh-pages

Publish to pypi:

$ python publish